About Us

Our Mission

Christian Unity Project, also known as Christian Unity Life Movement is a grassroots' movement that is geared towards mobilizing Christians to return to the early practice of ONE BODY LIFE (https://www.onebody.life/) as witnessed in the Acts of the early Apostles and fathers of faith.
We labour to equip Christians in taking up their responsibilities as Light bearers for the extinction of darkness and corruption that is in the world presently. Our conviction is based on JESUS' command - “Ye ( ALL who BELIEVES and have decided to FOLLOW Him) are the SALT of the earth and the LIGHT of the world” (Matt 5:13,14).

Our Vision

We are confident that believers' perfect understanding of the enormity of the above statement will eradicate the present display of carelessness, rivalry and irresponsibility being witnessed among brethren across the nations. And applying this knowledge will help believers to pursue peace with one another and renounce denominational-ism, which has been a major hindrance to our ONEness.

Core Values

If we truly understand that we are indeed the "Light of this world", We are therefore to put the blame of whatever happen to our world at the doorstep of Believers in Christ.
This great and enormous responsibility is what no man, no matter highly anointed; and no singular denomination, no matter their number can achieve. Just like it is practically impossible for one individual to provide light for the nation. It is the collective effort of many. But this 'Many' MUST see themselves as ONE indivisible element. Hallelujah!

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